Getting Started

Do you want to write a testimonial or review for your photographer to help others in their quest to find someone AND let your photographer know just how great the experience was? If I am your photographer, THANK YOU! Reviews are the lifeblood of service businesses.

Getting started with writing can be the hardest part! Ever experienced that feeling of sitting down to write a review and suddenly writer's block sets in? The service or product was great, but what do you say? What will others want to hear? Below is a guide that will get your writing juices flowing and help you craft a well-written review in no time at all.

Of course, if you have constructive feedback or recommendations for your photographer, I recommend privately emailing them. Most photographers (including myself!) would love the opportunity to hear from you privately and make it right.

Let's start writing!

Begin your review with first impressions. Think about how the photographer made you feel and what your overall experience was. Use these impactful first sentences to summarize your comprehensive view of the photographer. Here are some examples of an impactful first statement, but make sure yours is personal to you.

  • [Photographer's Name] is amazing at what she does! I would highly recommend. her to anyone looking for a wedding photographer.
  • We just can't stop looking at our gallery! [Photographer's Name] captured our love for each other perfectly.
  • [Photographer's Name] is a true professional. Throughout the process, she was organized, communicative, and most of all, made it fun!

Follow this up with real examples from your wedding or portrait session.

  • Were you impressed with the photographer's posing direction?
  • Did they make you feel beautiful (or handsome)?
  • Did they reassure you that the kiddos running wild were normal and they could capture great shots no matter what?
  • Did the photographer go above and beyond to serve you even in non-photographic ways during the wedding day?
  • Do you have a favorite moment that the photographer captured?

Give examples specific to your wedding or sessions. These are just a few example questions to get your creative juices flowing. The more specific and detailed you can be in your writing, the better!

Finally, tie your review up with a bow by writing a concluding sentence with high impact, much like your opening.

Share your thoughts on multiple platforms

Once you have your review written, it is easy to copy and paste to multiple platforms. Your review is tremendously valuable to your photographer. Sharing in more locations multiplies the impact!

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